Caws Mynydd Du

Caws Mynydd Du meaning Black Mountains Cheese has been set up by us, Andrew and Helen Meredith, to try to ensure the survival of our small family farm. Our Farm nestles at the foot of the Black Mountains in the east of the Brecon Beacons National Park.

We have developed a traditional, Welsh, Farmhouse cheese made from sheep milk produced only from our flock at Lodge farm. The sheep are mainly poll Dorset and poll Dorset X and are fed purely on grass and crops grown and harvested on the farm.

It is a pasteurised, semi-hard cheese, handmade using vegetarian rennet . The cheese has a subtle yet creamy taste, leaving a pleasant tangy sensation, lingering on your tongue, ideal for the cheeseboard, accompanied by a bottle of wine! The cheese also grates well and is delicious melted.

As our cheese is pasteurised, it is safe for all to eat, pregnant mums, young children and grandparents too! Sheep milk is lower in the saturated fatty acids, so, in comparison to other milks the types of fact provided in sheep milk provides a reduction in cholesterol, and the provision of energy instead of weight gain.

Sheep milk contains almost 100% more calcium and 33% more protein amino acids, vitamins and minerals than the cow milk. This fat and protein breakdown more rapidly in the stomach, which helps digestion. It has been said that sheep milk can aid the treatment of asthma, eczema, skin problems and other related conditions, as it is high in both calcium and zinc.

People with an allergy to milk protein or an intolerance to lactose, can often drink sheep milk and suffer no ill effect. During the cheese making process, much of the lactose is actually lost within the whey.

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Helen Meredith