Broadoak Nursery

We are a small family run nursery in a tiny village overlooking the River Severn. We produce typical cottage garden plants, mainly herbaceous perennials, from reliable old favourites to exciting new introductions from some of the world’s top breeders. All our plants are raised here on our nursery from seed and vegetative propagation as well as young plug plants and bulbs from specialist suppliers. We do not ‘force’ our plants, instead our plants are grown ‘hard’ simply with the aid of a balanced slow release fertiliser to ensure they are strong and healthy and will not go into ‘shock’ the moment they are moved to their new home. Our tunnel is used simply for raising young plants and over-wintering the tender ones. We don’t routinely use pesticides on our plants and try to avoid using them at all. Generally there is enough for everyone and so nibbled leaves here and there are unavoidable. We bring our plants to market on a ‘looking good’ basis and what we bring only ever represents a fraction of what we have available. If you have any specific requirements (maybe a particular plant or large quantities) then please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to satisfy your request. Come and see us at one of the markets or visit our website for a wide range of plants as well as quality hardware and garden related gifts.

Contact Name: 

Serena Brammall