The following lists have been created by individual enterprises registering their information on the site over the last 14 years and is currently (June 2017) being reviewed to ensure greater accuracy, The process is planned to be completed by September 2017.

Body categories Contact Name Nid producer_map producer_producs Product image product_category (field_product_category:delta) Title Establishment
Celtic Country Wines Neil Shipp 374 0 Celtic Country Wines
Thornhill Farm Shop Carol Phillips 375

Geolocation is 51.5464250058847, -3.20353096172767

0 Thornhill Farm Shop
Sams Roast Simon Greenhorn 377 0 Sams Roast
C & G Morgan & Son

We have a family farming business which comprises my husband and I together with our son, Richard. Our son is the ninth generation at the farm and we rear livestock for the lamb and beef trade, some of which is for direct sales from the farm as well as Farmers’ Markets. Our animals are reared under the highest practical welfare standards. All are on the fields for most of the year, the sheep for the whole year whilst the cattle are housed indoors from October until April. All of our stock is grass fed through grazing in the summer and hay and silage during the winter months. We do not use any sprays or pesticides. We pride ourselves in rearing good quality stock. We also care for the countryside and through the Habitat Scheme have won the Royal Welsh Award for our work.

Gillian Morgan 379 0 C & G Morgan & Son
Dolithon Meats rachael Layton 380 0 Dolithon Meats
Onllwyn Eggs 382 0 Onllwyn Eggs
Rhoshill Garden Plants (HERBS) 383 0 Rhoshill Garden Plants (HERBS)
Popty Bach y Wlad Enfys Wise 384 0 Popty Bach y Wlad
Gretas Wholefoodies

I sell freshly cooked vegetarian food containing no preservatives or additives. The majority of the vegetables and herbs used are bought locally. My main product is the vegetarian Glamorgan sausage using leaks, cheese, parsley, and breadcrumbs other delights include Gorgonzola stuffed field mushrooms, humus and dahl.

Greta Watts-Jones 361 0 Gretas Wholefoodies Gretas Wholefoodies
Rhymney Brewery Ltd 360 0 Rhymney Brewery Ltd