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Body categories Contact Name Nid producer_map producer_producs Product image product_category (field_product_category:delta) Title Establishment
Cwrt Henllys farm Ceri Morgan 461 0 Cwrt Henllys farm
Neuadd Fach Baconry Lynda Brown 463 0 Neuadd Fach Baconry
Flights Orchard Organics (Monmouth) 465 0 Flights Orchard Organics (Monmouth)
The Pudding Compartment Mark Ellis 469 0 The Pudding Compartment
House of Sugar

Specialising in hand made edible cake toppers for most occasions birthdays, Easter, Halloween, Christmas. Baking sundries to make your baking experience easier

476 0 House of Sugar
Minfield Farm Sue ooke 502 0 Minfield Farm
pantygwydr hotel jacques abdou 507 0 pantygwydr hotel
Sugarloaf Mountain Jane Lewis 510 0 Sugarloaf Mountain
N. S. James & Son Neil James 512 0 N. S. James & Son
Elan Valley Quality Meat Trevor Edwards 519 0 Elan Valley Quality Meat