The following lists have been created by individual enterprises registering their information on the site over the last 14 years and is currently (June 2017) being reviewed to ensure greater accuracy, The process is planned to be completed by September 2017.

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Llanfaes Dairy Ice Cream


Paul Col;e 351

Geolocation is 51.9471058606577, -3.39613795280456

0 Llanfaes Dairy Ice Cream Llanfaes Dairy Ice Cream
Pilgrims Tea Rooms & Janet Williams Outside Catering

Pilgrims tea rooms and restaurant is situated in the Brecon Cathedral close. Pilgrims provides fresh homemade food and caters for all types of external events, including weddings, buffets and special occasions. In addition, individual picnic hampers can be prepared for walkers, cyclists and local tourists to the area. The restaurant buiilding retains the charm and style of the adjacent 15th century tithe barn. On sunny days visitors are able to enjoy sitting outside under the cloisters or in the herb garden. Ingredients are locally sourced and many are organic. Meals are freshly prepared and the menu changes daily. The tea rooms are fully licensed. The kitchen of Pilgrims tea rooms forms the base of Janet Williams Catering. Janet has been catering for 40 years and, although her food projects have covered many areas, she is committed to providing high quality, locally sourced foods freshly prepared. Pilgrims Diary

Janet Williams 352

Geolocation is 51.9510453, -3.39274920000003

0 Pilgrims Tea Rooms & Janet Williams Outside Catering Pilgrims Tea Rooms & Janet Williams Outside Catering
Pen-min-Cae Welsh Black Beef and Lamb N & J Nixon

Young James Nixon serving at Monmouth Farmers' MarketHomemade burgers using our own produced Organic Welsh Black Beef and Lamb. Cooked and served in a freshly baked bap sourced from a local bakery encouraging low food miles.

Nigel and Joanna Nixon 354

Geolocation is 52.1787211902097, -3.4542989730835

0 Pen-min-Cae Welsh Black Beef and Lamb N & J Nixon Pen-min-Cae Welsh Black Beef and Lamb
The Welsh Poultry Centre

Golden Welsh Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys & Guinea Fowl Free range, Additive free, GMO free, Organically produced in beautiful West Wales
Steve Merritt & Juliet Fay with their 2 young children have created a small scale organic poultry enterprise at Llywncrychyddod Farm
Their poultry has a wonderful flavour which is the result of the organic system they follow and the care & energy that goes into it.

What are you Buying?

S&J’s birds:



  • Live in small groups in mobile houses which are rotated around the farm
  • Live for 80 days compared to only 40 under intensive systems
  • Are reared from a day old in accordance with the Soil Association Standards
  • Feed meets Soil Association standards which prohibit the use of GMOs, growth hormone promoters or artificial additives
  • Homeopathic remedies are used if necessary
  • Are free to range over a grass/clover ley as early as a week old (weather permitting)
  • Are not debeaked
  • Are dressed on our farm thus eliminating the stress of traveling
  • Our delivery vehicles run on LPG, reducing the impact on the environment by using a cleaner fuel


Steve Merritt 355

Geolocation is 51.9486718, -4.29632630000003

0 The Welsh Poultry Centre The Welsh Poultry Centre
Wye Valley Cheese

On a family run farm in the heart of the beautiful Wye Valley, Harry and Sue Ryder, with the help of their son Joe and daughter-in-law Emily, produce an Artisan unpasteurised cheese from whole milk which is sourced locally.


Sue Ryder 356

Geolocation is 51.7714635980837, -2.74477958679199

0 Wye Valley Cheese Wye Valley Cheese
Bridgend Bee Keepers Mike Pett 358

Geolocation is 51.5250479, -3.57915730000002

0 Bridgend Bee Keepers Bridgend Bee Keepers
Slade Farm Organics Richard Hodgkin 387 0 Slade Farm Organics
Willo Game Debbie Oakely 388 0 Willo Game
Celtic Spirit Company Sally Nelson 389 0 Celtic Spirit Company
The Chocolate House Bethan Mainwaring 458 0 The Chocolate House