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Food Workshop Ltd

Chef in the Freezer is a family owned business under the umbrella of Award Winning Sugarloaf Catering. We offer a range of frozen, nutritious menus and products which can be delivered straight to your home! We use the best fresh produce from local producers where possible to create a range of wholesome chef prepared dishes. For more details Contact: Mark Coulton Tel:01873737755

Mark and Claire Coulton 359

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0 Food Workshop Ltd
The Untapped Brewing Company

The Untapped Brewing Company was established in Sept. 2009 by Owen David and Martyn Darby -two friends with a passion for quality ales with character and flavour. We started with ideas, drive and initiative but no brewery...but that wasn't going to stop us , so with a bit of charm and cunning we've started off by borrowing someone elses to allow us to get established - the recipes and hard work are down to us. Our aim is to create a range of fantastic bottle conditioned ales. We started off with "Sundown" a light delicated golden ale and "Eclipse" our all year round dark beer. Throughout the year we will be producing a range of seasonal and festive beers as our creativity allows.

Martyn Darby 125 0 The Untapped Brewing Company
The Fruit Garden-Wild Fig Farm

Soft fruits in season usually May-November produced under protection mainly in a coir substrate.
Quality Dairy Ice-Cream 14% butter fat using soft fruits where suitable and sorbets.

Established for 25 years the business specialises in producing very high-quality soft fruit under protection. Over 15 varieties of strawberries are grown, in addition to six varieties of raspberries and blueberries. All varieties are chosen specifically for flavour and good eating characteristics. The business also produces an award winning range of quality ice creams and sorbets sold under the name of "Wild Fig". Made with our own hand-picked fruit-- our ice creams and sorbets are as they should be-crammed full of flavour.
We care greatly about our products, the way in which they are made and the land on which they are grown-farm food for people who appreciate the good things in life!

Lucy and Charles George 331

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0 The Fruit Garden-Wild Fig Farm The Fruit Garden-Wild Fig Farm
Smarts Traditional Gloucester Cheese

Old Ley Court is a traditional working family farm enjoying a peaceful setting in the Severn Vale on the edge of the Forest of Dean. For over 40 years it has been home to Douglas and Diana Smart and their their third son Roderick.
Dairying is the main enterprise on this small farm although pigs is are also kept. For the last 19 years high-quality Gloucester cheeses have been produced from milk from our own cows, all of which are born and reared on the farm and individually named. They receive no routine antibiotics apart from dry cow therapy. No cows have been bought in since two Old Gloucester cows (Amy and Unis) bought in 1996.
The cheeses, which are made from very old recipes, are equally lovingly cared for, from the mild smooth Single Gloucester which is made from the evening milk, which is skimmed and added to the mornings whole milk, (and for which we have the PDO) to the mature full flavoured whole milk Double Glouester, and the strong hard Harefield, which can be used as an excellent substitute for parmesan.

Cheesemaking can be seen, for a small fee, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Booking by phoning 0145 7502 is advisable.

Rod and Jo Smart 335

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0 Smarts Traditional Gloucester Cheese
Little Welsh Deli

We're an award winning company run by Clare and Ryan Phillips, based just outside Swansea near Gower, specialising in quality artisan sweet and savoury food. We are proud to say that all our products are developed and made by us - nothing is bought in!

Ryan Phillips 339

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0 Little Welsh Deli Little Welsh Deli
Court Bleddyn Farm

Court Bleddyn is a hill farm in the Brecon Becon National Park. The animals are reared outdoors and include single suckled Welsh Black Beef, Tamworth pork (mainly outdoors) and Badger faced lamb. No pesticides are used and only a minimal amount of fertilizer. We produce our own hay and silage. 

Barbara Warren 342

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0 Court Bleddyn Farm Court Bleddyn Farm
Neals Yard Creamery Charlie Westhead 344

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0 Neals Yard Creamery Neals Yard Creamery
Cothi Valley Goats Richard & Lynne Beard 346

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0 Cothi Valley Goats Cothi Valley Goats
The Olive Press

The OLIVE PRESS has been trading since 1996 and is dedicated to the provision of the finest quality Greek olive oils and olives which we source direct from producers. We specialise in freshly dressed and marinaded olives which we prepare ourselves. Products include award-winning Greek extra virgin olive oils, olives marinaded with fresh herbs and spices, stuffed olives, plain olives, pickles and Mediterranean mezze and tapas foods.

Tamsin Osler 348

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0 The Olive Press The Olive Press
Condessa Richard Jones 349

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0 Condessa Condessa