Welsh Farmhouse Apple Juice

Selection of Single Variety Apple Juice

Welsh Farmhouse Apple Juice

We are proud to be producing a quality juice which has won accolades such as the True Taste Award and has been served at Welsh functions at the Welsh Assembly and on St. David's Day at the European Commission in Brussels. It is a quality product with a good reputation and we are always working to uphold the good name of the product as well as developing all aspects of the business in order to ensure it is still talked about in ten years time!

Apples used in the juice are sourced from local orchards. All of these orchards produce some very rare and ancient apple varieties. Many of the trees in one of the orchards were planted by John's grandfather and the family are very proud in the knowledge that these trees are producing fruit that is being made into a quality, healthy product.

This year as well as using certified organic apples, we have used apples grown under natural conditions without the use of herbicides or pesticides. These have been sourced from local orchards: people who have bought property with a small orchard and after a few years the mature trees can bear a lot of fruit, much more than the average sized family can use. This has helped to increase production and add to the varieties on offer; it also gives the orchard owners a sustainable way of utilising their crop. This juice has a modified label (no organic symbol) and a different coloured foil wrap from the organic product.

The business has expanded this year and has doubled production. John and Margaret's son David has joined the business in his gap year and part time labour has been taken on to pick and process the apples.

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enquiries@welshfarmhouseltd.com or placed by telephone on 07969 526 483.