Order Collection. Usk Farmers' Market June 20th 2020

Orders are now being taken for collection, at the Usk Memorial Hall Car 

Park, Saturday, June 20th, 2020 9.00 am -10.30 am 

The Following producers are now taking orders for Next Saturday 

Name                                                                          Order Online

Little Green Refills                                                      Little Green Refills

Brecon BrewingCold Black Label                               Brecon Brewing

Penrhiw Farm Organic Meats                                    Online ordering

Creative Food                                                            Online ordering

Tom Llewellin                                                             Online ordering

Little Mill Natural Products                                         Online ordering

Smarts Traditional Gloucester Cheese                     Online ordering

Humble Bee Beauty                                                  Online ordering

Whitebrook Organic Growers                                   Online ordering

The Angel Bakery                                                     Online ordering

Onllwyn Eggs                                                           Online ordering

Welsh Farmhouse Apple Juice                                Online ordering

The following procedures must be observed.

On arrival at the Memorial Hall Car park:

  • Producers vehicles will be spaced out around the perimeter of the car park. 
  • There will be a clockwise flow of traffic with each customer displaying a clear sign of who they are so that the producers can identify the relevant order.
  • Customers are advised to open their boots on arrival in order for the producer to place the
    products directly into the car.
  • There will be pedestrian customers. Great care must be taken for their safety with a slow and patient clockwise progression around the car park.
  • The exchange with walking customers must be conducted so that a 2m clearance is maintained throughout.
  •  Long queues of traffic in the access roads must be avoided and should the car park become congested please go around again, or wait at a convenient place close by.
  • Please close your boot before leaving the car park.
  • Each producer will provide a table for pedestrian customers to collect their orders