The website has been around since 2002 and during that time has maintained a top ranking for Welsh Farmers' Markets and fresh local produce and has been an important first port of call for customers seeking information about markets, producers and their products. The design of the original site was advanced for its day but has been increasingly showing it's age and has had to be taken down to be replaced with this current version which went 'live' on August 22nd, 2017. It is but a newborn babe with a good set of genes which will enable ongoing development to meet the ever changing demands of the modern internet age.  

The site is hosted on its own dedicated server here in Wales. The server is situated near Talgarth and run by Riverside Internet.  This is an innovative local company offering a reliable, high-quality solution for farms, small rural businesses as well as isolated homes. It is responsible for bringing broadband to many local properties which have been unable to obtain these from BT and other providers. It uses microwave radio technology to provide broadband to customer premises with multiple (1G Bit/s) high-speed fibre to the premises links to the core of the Internet at their local data centre.

The advantages of hosting with Riverside is that it is a small enterprise run by a staff with many decades, of experience in IT technology. They are easy to contact and offer expert advice and resolve issues directly without resorting to call centres!!  The FMIW site is backed up daily and continually updated to resolve security issues and maintain the highest performance.