Treenergy is a renewable energy company, based in Monmouth. We specialise in heat from wood, which is the oldest form of heating.
Most of the world is still using wood for heating and cooking. In Britain, however, we have been spoilt with cheap and abundant North Sea oil and gas. As these fuels diminish in availability and increase in cost, we will all need to move toward using fuels that are more traditional and developing locally sustainable economies. Treenergys powerful vision is to work in harmony with our precious environment, whilst working alongside and supporting our local industries to manufacture our top quality products. All of our products are made from clean, untreated wood that in the form of sawdust and shavings is a byproduct of sawmills and joineries, otherwise destined for landfill. 10 millions tons are dumped in landfill annually!
Treenerg’s Products:
Treenergy Briquettes are a densely compressed fuel, typically 5 ½ cm square by 36cm long, available in convenient packs of 10 or as tonnes delivered in a variety of packaging from our factory.
Here is an example comparing the efficacy of our fuel with wood:
One 10 Kg pack of highly efficient Treenergy Briquettes burns for (approx) 18 hours compared with one 10 Kg pack of air dried logs which will burn (approx.) a mere 4 hrs. 20 mins. Additionally Treenergy Briquettes will not cause the corrosion damage that wood or coal will, in your flue or chimney.
Also we supply:
Treenergy Pellets: For pellet stoves and boilers
Treenergy Pellets: For horse bedding and animal litter.
Treenergy Charcoal:Burns as hot as anthracite, but much cleaner!
Make a difference – save money, save expensive maintenance costs for your flue or chimney, support the environment and switch to Treenergy products!
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