Delicious handmade biscuits are baked specifically to chum up with cheese. Also good with wines, cocktails, charcuterie, pâte and pickles, hummus and dips, smoked fish and duck. No preservatives or additives or dubious ingredients. Just good plain cooking with local ingredients.
We experiment with different flavour combinations and honor age-old favourites in our recipes. Always seeking to delight and surprise with our savouries, different because there is dancing and singing, laughter and love of everything natural baked in.
Magic sometimes happens in the activity of baking an idea into reality. The Thomas Baker ladies spent two years laughing, juicing, pressing, chopping, roasting and mulling beautiful ingredients to extract the best fresh tincture and essence of flavour for these odd little squares of biscuity loveliness.
Baked in our own little biscuiterie -a tiny bakery dedicated to biscuit manufacture! Two people, Ella and Allie produce over 1000 biscuits a day to supply delis and farmers markets in Wales. We strive to produce the best, with purer clean vegetables and fruits, nuts and spice.