The following FMIW Terms Farmers' Markets in Wales (FMIW) Terms RWAS 2018

  • This is a group exercise and, while every effort will be made to accommodate individual requirements and interests the aim will be to offer visitors a wide range of choice as a collective without undue duplication between the individual stalls.  Decisions about what products can be sold and the position of stalls will, as far as possible, be decided by negotiation but final decisions will rest with FMIW.  
  • Application to be part if this year's event must be made as soon as possible but by March 4th at the latest.  If the application is accepted a confirmation of the booking will be issued together with an invoice for 50% of the stall fee which must be paid to secure the booking.

The Farmers' Markets in Wales Portal

The Society has introduced a new policy which is designed to enhance the verification of the various credentials for trade stands operating on the Showground with particular reference to food and catering  The previous process of requiring confirmation of details such as insurance, Environmental Health inspections and the origin of ingredients will no longer be adequate.and the Society will require the actual data evidence. Data from the portal will be scrutinised by the Society prior to the event so that any issues can be addressed. The portal has been created to provide a more general tool where the online data can be presented to event organisers, compliance officers and customers and also will be a requirement for membership of FMIW.

General Showground  requirements 


Each stall will be responsible for providing the following

  • Adequate rubbish storage and removal
  • A waterproof, washable non-slip floor covering#
  • Where food is being handled a hand washing facility with hot water
  • Where naked flames are a feature then there must be a fire distinguisher visibly displayed.
  • All promotional material must be sited on the front of the stall and no furniture such as A-boards will be permitted on the grassed area.
  • Electric Supply must be purchased directly from the Showground.  A link to the form is provided on the web page.