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Although this website has been completely re-designed, the content has been generated over the last 14 years and as is common with similar listing sites, data becomes stale, out of date and inaccurate over time. The remedy will be to systematically replace content with new verified information which will be reviewed annually.  For establishments or individuals who have previously registered on the site (you can check this by using the site search -just enter your name or business), you will need to re-register for your information to be retained. Please see the registration forms on this page.  If you no longer wish to be listed please use this form and all your data will be removed. 



Farmers' Markets in Wales, which has published the website since 2004, has historically provided the service free of charge, but this is no longer tenable for its longer-term sustainability. An annual fee of £30 is required for registrations which, with renewal, will ensure that information remains current and the site can continue to be developed to meet the ever-changing nature of the internet.   

Customer and Registered  Charity registrations are not charged and continue to be free.