Monmouth Climate Future Festival Farmers' Market

Monmouth Festival

The Monmouth Climate Future Festival aims to raise awareness of local projects designed to help each of us make changes to lower the carbon footprint of our community, be more environmentally aware and have fun too! It’s town-based and free-to-enter and exhibit.

Buying our food and drink locally has a significant role to play in reducing food miles and our own carbon footprint. 

Farmers' Markets starting appearing in the late 1990s as a response to Agenda 21 with recommendations to local authorities to encourage, amongst other things, the development of local supply chains.

Whilst Farmers' Markets are specifically designed to address this they are by no means the only way available for customers looking to shop for locally produced food and drink. The aim of the Festival Farmers' Market is to celebrate and introduce to a wide audience what Monmouth has to offer from its local suppliers e.g.

  • producers
  • farmers
  • brewers
  • distillers
  • farm shops
  • independent shops,
  • and any that offer locally produced food and drink.  

The market provides an opportunity to promote your business, sell products and offer your own products as refreshments.

The market is to be located in the Old Monmouth Bridge, NP25 3EG,  and takes place on Saturday 25th September from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

The following local enterprises have booked the attend 

The average distance traveled to the Monnow Bridge by all those taking part is just 16.73 km