Why so special
Unlike other Hog Roast Companies we only cook fully traceable pigs reared by ourselves and consider a “Hog Roast” to be the whole pig, not just joints of pork.

Glamorgan Vale Hog Roast Ltd is a partnership formed between two like-minded pig farmers needing to diversify to add value to our product. We own a herd of Pedigree Welsh Pigs supporting the Native Breed of Wales.
Our pigs are traditionally reared with a high standard of husbandry. Because they are “Pedigree” pigs they all have their own identity making them fully traceable . We believe that the quality and flavour of the pork ensures that our product is in a class of its own and enjoyed by our customers at both public and private functions

Our Company is registered with Cardiff E.H.O. and is fully compliant with current Food Regulations, including Hygiene Certificates, HACCP, and Public Liability.

We are also able to supply half pigs packed and labelled for the freezer
Pedigree Welsh Pork retains the flavour of any traditional breed but has a leaner carcass giving this pork the added value of more meat for your money.
Further details are available from Helen Tongue