Trefoil Meadows

We are an organic farm producing entirely pasture-fed beef - certified by the Soil Association and Pasture For Life Association (PFLA). Pasture-fed means that our cattle are fed on pasture only, for their entire lives*. By rearing cattle solely on forage, we can produce beef without carbon-heavy grains, and our small herd is vital for maintaining our species-rich grasslands and haymeadows. There is increasing evidence that these bio-diverse habitats are vital and effective at sequestering carbon, potentially even more so than woodland.

Our fields, rich in clovers, vetches, trefoils, plaintain and yarrow, provide vital nutrients for our cattle, also key to rearing animals organically, without relying on routine antibiotics and medications. Not to miss out on the benefits of a diverse diet, we also produce a small amount of herbal tea from the fields. Currently going through organic certification with the Soil Association.

Please let me know if you need any more info.

(*Grass-fed claims can be made if the animals receives more than half of their feed from grass, for some of their life where as pasture-fed is pasture only and for their whole lives).

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