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Organic Chicken by Tom Llewellin
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I rear the chickens in paddocks like this until between twelve and sixteen weeks of age, though up to twenty weeks at Christmas.  The net over the top is essential to protect them from goshawks and buzzards.

I have been committed to organic farming for over twenty years and I rear the chickens, and the farm's sheep and Dexter cattle, to Soil Association standards.  Organic rules always give birds more freedom than free range rules require.

I slaughter the birds on the farm for each market:  if you want to be sure of getting what you want, give me a ring on 07789807030, preferably before the Friday before the market when I will be cutting pieces and joints.

This year I have grown some organic oats to replace some of the pelleted organic feed.  I'm not sure yet whether this was a good idea - it was a particularly difficult harvest.  I shall give it another go next year, though, as the combine finished the harvest working well.

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07789 807 030

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