Smarts Traditional Gloucester Cheese

Smart's Gloucester Cheese display

Diana, Rod and William Smart represent three generations of Cheese Making at Old Ley Court, the family farm for over 50 years, in the Severn Vale.  Although Diana is now retired, traditional Gloucester Cheeses have been made on the farm for nearly 30 years.  Using unpasteurised milk from the closed herd, Award winning Single, Double and Harefield cheeses are handmade using traditional recipes and vintage cheese presses.  To meet the needs of the PDO for the Single Gloucester, we milk traditional Gloucester Cattle together with Brown Swiss, MRI, Montbelliarde and Friesians.  The whey from the cheese making is fed to our traditional Gloucester Old Spot Pigs, who in turn provide us with wonderful Bacon and Sausages.  We have an orphaned Gloucester Old Spot who is very free range, just like our Ducks, Hens and Geese and enjoys nothing more that being with the cows or having his tummy rubbed.

We would love you to come and watch the Cheese making process on a Tuesday or Thursday, if you would like to join us, please call us in advance.

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Old Ley Court, Chapel Lane, Churcham, Gloucestershire. GL2 8AR

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