Black Welsh Lamb

Black Welsh Lamb




Black Welsh Lamb won Gold stars in both this year's and last year's Great Taste Awards and was rated the best Welsh lamb from an independent farm both years . 


We are a family farm on the edge of the Black Mountains alongside the Skirrid . 


Our sheep are organic , pedigree rare breed Black Welsh Mountain and are purely pasture fed . We are accredited by the Soil Association and the Pasture Fed Livestock Association .


We started with two pedigree ewes 22 years ago , bought another four and since then all our sheep have been born and bred on our farm . Except for rams who are brought in to widen the gene pool. 


Our farm goes back to the 16th century and the pasture has not been ploughed for many decades giving us wildflower rich fields in which our sheep graze , benefitting from a wide range of nutrients .


We believe that this , and the quality of our soil is what makes our lamb , hogged and mutton so tasty.


Added to that we dry age our meat for between 2 and 4 weeks making it particularly tender. 


Because our sheep are purely pasture fed with our own grass and hay , and not sheep nuts , they gain weight at their own individual speed making it possibly for us to supply fresh meat all year round . 


Our butchers are also very flexible about their work so customers can have our lamb butchered exactly as they would like . 


We supply a number of high profile restaurants across the UK but  are keen to reduce food miles and supply locally. 


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