Farmers' Markets in Wales

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Farmers' Markets in Wales Directory

For a small monthly fee, you too can have your own customised directory entry under the FMIW umbrella, benefiting from enhanced uptime, simple editing and our high search engine raking.

Please note these prices and features are provisional. Check back soon for more details.

From just £7.50 for existing FMIW member producers.

Feature Standard £FREE Bronze £25/year Silver +£7.50/month Gold +£20/month
Priority ordering in search results  
Entry in our online producer directory
High Search Engine Ranking
Nightly backups of your landing page and products
Recognised Accreditation  
Access to Welsh Show and local markets  
Include searchable lists of your products  
Enhanced Search Results  
Custom Page within FMIW site    
Your own images    
'Contact Us' page to drive sales    
Custom Template for your landing page    
Social Networking Links (Twitter, Facebook)    
Enhanced Search Results with Picture    
Email on our industrial grade email server      
Your business promoted in our mailing lists      
News page for your announcements      
'Catalogue Style' product listing with larger pictures      
Customer Reviews+Ratings      
Extra pages per page       +£5/month
40% discount on web hosting and other IT services  



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