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Cothi Valley Goats

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If you are looking for goats cheese, and especially Welsh goats cheese, then look no further. Here at Cothi Valley we produce a range of cheeses to suit most palates. The fresh, creamy Luddesdown with added herbs, divine Caws Talley and Cynros in the white-rinded or Arzegarzey and Diprose a bit sharper. In the matured cheeses we have Ranscombe, now available oak-smoked as well, the younger Storrington or the beautiful blue Talley Las. Our own version of Feta, spelled with a 'V' so as not to upset Greece is available plain or marinated and our wonderful Haloumi grills to perfection.

'Live' natural and fruit yoghurts are also available.

We also do a range of baked products available at some markets and Food Festivals. Many of them are goat cheese based including quiches, vegetable pasties and our decadent cheesecakes, as well as the highly sought cheese biscuits. Our meat pies and pasties are made with meat from local farms as well as our own whey-fed pork used in our proper pork pies. All our pastry is made to our own recipe including the goats butter puff pastry that we use for our Eccles cakes.

We sell at a number of markets and food festivals in Wales and beyond as well as on-line and in a number of independent stores.

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