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FMIW Terms for the RWAS 2016 concession

Participants in this collective exercise will be expected to operate to high standards of compliance to environmental and trading standards.


  • Applications must be submitted by 15th february 2016 and should include the following items:
    • Completed FMIW Registration Form (online)
    • Completed FMIW Application Form (online)


    • Participants will be selected based on how closely they fulfill the aims of the concession and to provide a rich balance of choice for visitors
    • Successful Applicants will be notified by April 17th 2015


    • units 1-12: £1000
    • units 13 & 14 £1500
    • Cold store:£5 /metre/day (shelves approx 40cm depth) ordered in advance
    • Please note the above prices do not include the supply of electricity which should be purchased directly from the RWAS

      Successful Applicants (Participants)

      • Participants will be required to submit the following documents
        • Public and Product Liability Insurance Certificate
        • Basic Food Hygiene Certificates for all operatives
        • Local Authority Registration and Rating (level 3 and above)
        • Gas and electric safety Inspection Certificates
        • Completed RWAS Risk Assessment Form
      • Each unit will be required to provide (in addition to those listed in the RWAS Terms)
        • A supply of hot water and hand washing equipment
        • A waterproof non-slip floor covering
        • HACCP documentation and current records

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