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Code of Good Practice for Farmers' /Local Produce Markets operating in Wales.

The main aims of the code are to provide a clear picture of the nature of each individual market and establish standards of good practice in the way they are managed. Markets that wish to operate using this code are invited to become members of Farmers' Markets in Wales A copy of the Code and market application can be found at This Link

There is considerable diversity amongst the 50 or so Farmers' and Local Produce Markets currently operating in Wales. The first of these appeared in the late 1990's and the numbers have grown steadily. The markets have been set up independently and run by different groups with varying aims.
There is no legal definition of a "Farmers'/Local Produce Market" nor for such terms as 'local', 'artisan', 'direct sales' and 'producer' .
Farmers' Markets in Wales recognises, and to some extent celebrates, the great diversity among these markets which reflect both the nature of their location and the aims of those involved.
The need for an overarching identity of the unique nature of this type of market has long been recognised both in what they deliver and how they are organised. Greater clarity of understanding for customers as well as the adoption of good practice, to avoid the negative consequences for all the markets of a 'bad apple', are the core aims of the Code.
FMIW has hosted a mangers' Forum for many years which is an informal way for market Mangers to share experience, problems and solutions. It is from this forum the idea of the Code of Good Practice has emerged. Based on one that operates in Ireland, the Code is designed to be voluntarily accessible to all markets operating in Wales by recognising that many are small with limited resources. The setting of achievable standards is through a process of mutual support and cooperation rather than straight jacketing individual markets into a standard set of rules and definitions.
The Irish Model differs from the Welsh equivalent in being maintained by the Irish Food Board. The FMIW Code of Good Practice is maintained by its members through a Council. Each member market elects to be represented on the Council which meets 4 times a year. The Council upholds the Standard through self governance with the aim of assisting member markets in achieving and maintaining the Standard.
Member markets are identified through the use of a logo which indicates that 75%, or more, of the produce sold is from a locally defined area, that the markets are held regularly with a minimum of 5 stalls for at least 5 months per year.Each member market is required to have a defined management structure that ensures full legal compliance and operates rules and criteria that ensure a high standard of governance.

The purpose of the Code is to assist in the promotion of members markets, to offer an assurance to customers they are well managed, clearly defined and comply with all relevant legislation. Member markets are entitled to use the logo on their promotional literature and have detailed information on the FMIW website verified through the use of the logo.

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