Farmers' Markets in Wales rolls its own, as far as the site is concerned, with the overarching aim of providing useful and robust tools with accurate and up to date information. The site may seem a little bleak but there are limited resources available for pretty.  The information on the site is readily available but for advanced uses such as the ordering facility, the forum, internal messaging and other interactions  you will need to create an account (and see the foot of the page)

The site is designed to function in any location but is presently focused on the  Monmouthshire region of South Wales. Producers in any region can apply for an account to create a presence on the site as well as to add products to the catalogue. Farmers' Markets in Wales is proposing an annual fee for producers to use the site of £30 to cover the administration costs but all payments are suspended during the current pandemic. (March 2020)

The personal information stored on the site is only that required to service the accounts: names, addresses, email and phone numbers.  A Farmers' Market is designed solely to facilitate the sale of producers' products to the final customer. This website functions in the same manner and there is no financial data collected or stored.