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Welcome to Farmer's Markets in Wales

This is the place to be if you are interested in the local foods produced in Wales and its border counties. In here you will find plenty to help you find where and when Farmers' and Local produce markets take place together with a wealth of information about producers and their products. Click on the icons to find out more.

Usk Farmers' Market Latest News

Saturday April 19th 2014

Usk Memorial Hall

10.00am to 1.00pm details

The Royal Welsh Show -Farmers' Market refreshment Concession

The Royal Welsh Show
July 21st-July 24th 2014
Farmers' Market Picnic Site Refreshment Concession.

Now in its eighth year, the Farmers' Markets in Wales catering concession has become a well-established and attractive feature of this iconic event, now the largest of it's kind in the UK. The object is to offer high quality food and drink of truly Welsh origin giving visitors a genuine true taste of Wales experience. The food and drink is designed to compliment what is, without question, the ultimate showcase of Welsh agriculture.

The concession area consists of an 18 m² grassed area surrounded on three sides by tarmac walk ways. The site is situated in an attractive part of the show ground with the adjacent Floral Hall, and extra, tree sheltered picnic benches supplied by the Society.

Show ground map showing location of FMIW site

A 6 m X 18m marquee is set down the centre of the site with 3 m² catering areas serving from each side of the marquee to a grassed area with picnic tables. There are central cold storage facilities as well as a utensil washing area supplied with sink and hot water.

Plan of picnic site (not to scale) showing stall numbers and location of services.

Refreshment concessions at the Show have traditionally been of the fast food type with little connection to Wales or the wonderful food it has to offer. Fast Food catering is an important source of income for Shows such as this where high profit margins enable the payment of substantial concession fees. These are generally way beyond being affordable by small artisan food producers and this collective concession is designed to enable such producers to attend while offering a unique value to the show as a whole.

The idea is to offer a range of food and drink across the spectrum which has historically included such as hog roasts, all day breakfasts, free range roast chiken, crepes, cider, tea and beer, Welsh Cakes etc.

The offer includes the following

  • the RWAS concession fee,
  • hire of the marquee,
  • provision of cold stores,
  • hot water utensil washing facility,
  • public liability insurance,
  • Special Event Alcohol License
  • picnic benches.)

The total cost is divided between the individual concessions and is predicted to be £1150 per concession. Sponsorship is being sort and the figure, at this stage, is proposed. Individual electricity is purchased directly from the Society and is an extra item of expence ((please see this link for the rates of charge.)

The selection will be based on the nature of the refreshment offered (small scale artisan of clearly defined Welsh Origin) as well as how well the individual stalls combine to offer a wide range of choice.for visitors.

There will be inevitable adjustments and compromises (not every one can have the same stall!) but the ethos will be one of collaboration to achieve an overall well functioning operation which is profitable for all and adds a significant collective value to the Royal Welsh Show.

This event is exclusive to Producer Members of Farmers' Markets in Wales and a successful application for membership will be required for participation in this and future events organised by Farmers' Markets in Wales. The purpose of membership is both to define the nature of Welsh artisan production as well as establishing a level standard of compliance to Trading Standards, Food Hygiene Laws, compliance to the terms of the contract Farmers' Markets in Wales has with, and the terms and conditions of, the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society.

An Application Form is available at this link

A selection of images of the FMIW concession at previous Royal Welsh Shows.

( for further details or assistance please contact FMIW (07731647020) Email,

The Royal Welsh Spring Festival ( Smallholers) Farmers' Market 17th & 18th May, 2014

The Farmers' Market has been a popular part of this Show for the last 10 years, is well established and dedicated to showcasing food and drink from small scale artisan producers. The Clwyd Glamorgan Hall (Original Food Hall) is laid out with stalls and the surrounding outside area provides visitors, to the show, with a mouthwatering selection of food to eat and drink. details of the 2013 Farmers' Market

If you are an artisan producer of food, drink or craft items please use this link indicating your interest in attending the 2014 event.